What We Provide

Home Staging Consultation-Custom DIY Staging Plan:

  • We will schedule an appointment with the homeowner to do a room to room walk-through of the property making recommendations on preparing the home for sale.

  • Educate Homeowners on the importance of Staging and Re-Designing.

  • Grace Filled will provide a typed room by room recommendation checklist/punch list.

  • We will be available to follow-up with another walk-through once checklist is complete.

Home Staging Proposal:

  • This is designed for the homeowner that would like to have a Staging Professional do the overwhelming work and creativity, preparing their home for sale.

  • We will schedule an appointment to walk-through room to room with Homeowner.

  • We will prepare your proposal which includes Staging fee with Staging timeline, list of rooms to be Staged, complimentary travel time, load/unload, check/punch list, and de-Staging after property is contracted with escrow.

  • Schedule with client to come back to review the project.  Any additional cost include items such as accessories and/or furniture rental and any 3rd party fees.

Real Estate Agent Staging Partnership:

Grace Filled offers Staging services to the Real Estate Agents.  We become a Team working together with the Homeowner, we will also offer a Staging Proposal to the Homeowner.


De-clutter and Organization:

Whether you are preparing for a move or needing to live with more organization, we are here for you!  Our Professional Team will have you organized and clutter free.

We can do so much more... We can do as much or as little as you would like.

~ All with Grace

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